Spring Bulbs
Spring Bulbs

 Whats Happening

In February !

  Seed Potato VarietiesWe now have our Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets available now and a good range of spring/summer flowering bulbs.

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Onion Sets in 500g bags are available
in the following varieties :
Turbo, Sturon, Stuttgarter Giant, Comred (Red Onion.)
Also Red and Yellow Shallots!

We areGeranium Plugs looking forward to the spring. Our shop has been thoroughly spring cleaned and our first delivery of fresh house plants and herbs of the new year have arrived.

Our plug plant order form is available in the shop to collect or can be downloaded from the website. This is for larger quantities of plug bedding plants which must be grown on in a heated greenhouse or similar.

Geranium Plugs Close

Our plug Geranium seedlings are looking good, keeping   nice and warm on our heated benches and the growing lights are on to extend the daylight!