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 Whats Happening

In September!

  Autumn is fast approaching after a lovely hot summer, which has been a challenge for the garden in terms of watering and keeping everything looking good!

We already have Pansies, Primroses, Polyanthus and Wallflowers out for sale, together with Patio Cyclamen in both individual pots and a pack of 4, which are ideal for winter tubs and planters.

After a successful week in Holland and Belgium visiting growers at the end of August, we are busy unloading a fantastic selection of shrubs and trees which have all been chosen for quality and garden performance. Looking good at the moment are some great varieties of Hydrangea Paniculata. Limelight, Wim’s Red, Pinky Winky and Bobo are all well known reliable favourites, together with some exciting new varieties, Polar Bear, Diamant Rouge and Fraise Melba! Hydrangea Annabelle continues to be a popular choice.

Cornus provide excellent winter colour with lovely rich stems and it is a great time of year to see the foliage on each variety before they shed their leaves.

Viburnum Tinus varieties make a great choice for an evergreen shrub, and our Weigela in 11 different varieties are also still in flower.

For larger evergreen shrubs, used for screening and hedging as well as specimen solo plants, we now have a great choice of Laurel. Prunus Rotundifolia (also know as Common Laurel) is often used for hedging, but we also have Novita, Etna, Caucasica and new this year “Genolier”

Photinia Red Robin is a more colourful evergreen choice and as well as the variegated alternative, Photinia Pink Marble we have a new Red variety called Photinia Carre Rouge, a more compact offspring of Red Robin, with excellent colour. Other new varieties worth a mention are Rhododendron “Wine & Roses” a stunning compact variety with a pink-red colour on the reverse of the leaves and a profusion of lovely pink flowers in contrast. Also Euonymus “White Spire” and upright variety with lovely glossy green and white foliage.

Looking ahead, our Poinsettias are growing well, and we will be looking to prick out Primroses for Spring very soon!!

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