March 2016

ScreensAs part of ongoing repairs and renewals, we have just finished  replacing three thermal screen systems in three of our glasshouses including the shop area. The screens have two main functions, they provide shading during the day in the eventuality that we have some sunny days! And more importantly they close each night to keep in the heat and act as a warm blanket to protect the plants. Brothers Yakup and Yunus from Holland Scherming were on site to carry out the work. As you can see from the picture, Yakup spends most of his day on very tall stilts which saves climbing up and down a ladder all day!

The geranium plug plants are looking good and are no longer under growing lights. They should be ready for sale in about 2 weeks time. Our first batch of Tomato seed has been sown as have kitchen herbs such as parsley, chives and dill. Onions and leeks have germinated well and we have transplanted the early spring pansies and violas into packs. On the whole production is going to plan and we are all hoping for some warmer drier weather to cheer us up!!

Getting ready for spring!

We are busy, cleaning and sterilising our glasshouses in preparation for the new growing season.

The shop area is undergoing a spring clean ready for our new stock of products. We have already put out for display new season tubs and planters, troughs, plant pots etc from Stewart Gardening range. Arriving shortly are our seed potatoes, onion sets and bulbs which will soon be available for sale.

Geraniums under growing Lights
Geraniums under growing Lights

We will also be sowing our first crop of 2016, Geraniums. If you are passing in the early evening, watch out for the growing lights, used to extend the daylight to help germination.