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In March!Seed Potatoes


Geranium 20 Plugs
Geranium 20 Plugs

Our Geranium seedlings are looking good and should be available for sale from around the 20th March! In packs of 20 plugs costing £5-50 per pack.

 Raspberries are now available, we have a comprehensive range of varieties for all seasons, all with 7 canes in a pack for the price of 5 canes (40% extra free!)

We also have a new variety of Patio Raspberry “Ruby Beauty” the world’s first compact raspberry. This dwarfing raspberry plant is thornless and grows to just 1 metre tall Raspberry Ruby Beautyproducing 1.5kg of fruit from each plant. This multi branching plant requires little or no support and is therefore perfect for the patio and an exciting addition to your borders. It makes a unique edible hedge too! Ruby Beauty® is easy to grow producing an abundance of fruit with a traditional raspberry flavour. Ideal for any patio or garden. The fruit is produced early in the summer after which you simply cut off any old canes and allow the new ones to grow on for the next year’s crop. As easy as that!

Our Primroses in 4 packs are looking colourful, as are the spring bulbs, Tete a Tete, Muscari, Tulips etc.

The first kitchen herbs of the new season in 1 litre pots are idea for the kitchen windowsill!

And don’t forget to stock up on Seed potatoes ready for chitting out prior to planting. Onion Sets and Shallots are once again in 500g bags and we also have a lovely range of summer flowering bulbs, including Exotic Dahlias, Lilies, Freesias and Gladioli


As many people know we continue to strive to be more environmentally friendly here at Swincar. We have had our own water supply for many years together Geranium 20 Plug (1)with a computer controlled irrigation system so we are more efficient with water usage and do not use treated water from the national grid.

We also have a wind turbine for generating some of our electricity and use renewable wood pellet to heat our glasshouses.

Two years ago we changed our plastic supplier for pots and packs to one which supplied recyclable pots (lots of our pots are now pale colours which are easier for recycling)

For 2019, we are asking for help from our customers to reduce packaging further. If plants are already in a pack, please do not ask for a box as well, we provide trolleys so the packs can easily be transported to a car. We like to wrap flowering house plants in tissue paper, but if you require a bag or box, please could you fetch your own so we can continue to reduce our carbon footprint. We do have some transport trays which we purchase to have plants delivered from Holland and we are happy to recycle these if you need something to keep plants stable.



Spring Bulbs
Spring Bulbs

We like to bring some of our hardy shrubs under cover this time of year to protect them from the elements. They are moved into our covered cold tunnels, to prevent them from blowing over and breaking in the wind, whilst still remaining exposed to the winter temperatures to ensure they remain hardy. But if you need to find a particular plant please do ask for assistance.

We still have plenty of exciting plants for excellent winter colour. A new variety of Cornus “Winter Orange” is looking splendid, with striking orange stems as well as many of the old favourites. Viburnum Tinus varieties are always a great evergreen shrub.

For larger evergreen shrubs, used for screening and hedging as well as specimen solo plants, we now have a good stock of Laurel. Prunus Rotundifolia (also know as Common Laurel) is often used for hedging, but we also have Novita, Etna, Caucasica and new this year “Genolier” and “Elly”

Photinia Red Robin is a more colourful evergreen choice and as well as the variegated alternative, Photinia Pink Marble, we have a new Red variety called Photinia Carre Rouge, a more compact offspring of Red Robin, with excellent colour. For scent at this time of year, Daphne or Sarcocca smell wonderful and these are in a cold glasshouse for protection, where the fragrance is delightful. Again please ask and we would be delighted to show you.