Whats Happening

In Winter!


 As the Winter months arrive, and most of the leaves are off the trees, its time to have a good tidy up in the garden and around the nursery! We like to bring some of our hardy shrubs under cover this time of year to protect them from the elements. They are moved into our covered cold tunnels, to prevent them from blowing over and breaking in the wind, whilst still remaining exposed to the winter temperatures to ensure they remain hardy.

We still have plenty of exciting plants for excellent winter colour. Cornus have lovely rich colourful stems and Viburnum Tinus varieties are a great evergreen shrub.

For larger evergreen shrubs, used for screening and hedging as well as specimen solo plants, we now have a good stock of Laurel. Prunus Rotundifolia (also know as Common Laurel) is often used for hedging, but we also have Novita, Etna, Caucasica and new this year “Genolier” and “Elly”

Photinia Red Robin is a more colourful evergreen choice and as well as the variegated alternative, Photinia Pink Marble, we have a new Red variety called Photinia Carre Rouge, a more compact offspring of Red Robin, with excellent colour. Other new varieties worth a mention are Rhododendron “Wine & Roses” a stunning compact variety with a pink-red colour on the reverse of the leaves and a profusion of lovely pink flowers.


We are also on the countdown to Christmas and our poinsettias are colouring up nicely. This year we have grown a new variety, a “Princettia” this is a more compact type, more delicate looking and available in Hot Pink or Soft Pink. We should have them out for sale by the middle of November. They require the same care as a traditional Poinsettia. They like to be kept warm and not placed in a draft, water when needed. Although we are trying to cut down on packaging at the nursery, our staff will wrap your Princettia or Poinsettia and place it in a plastic bag to protect it from the cold on the journey home. We would ask that you recycle the bag after use.Xmas Trees

Our Christmas trees will be available from the last week in November, as will Christmas Wreaths and Bowls of Hyacinths. We also stock three sizes of Indoor Azalea.