Whats Happening

In July/August!


As many people know we continue to strive to be more environmentally friendly here at Swincar. We have had our own water supply for many years together with a computer control20180628_175554 (002) - Copyled irrigation system so we are more efficient with water usage and do not use treated water from the national grid.

We also have a wind turbine for generating some of our electricity and use renewable wood pellet to heat our glasshouses.

Two years ago we changed our plastic supplier for pots and packs to one which supplied recyclable pots (lots of our pots are now pale colours which are easier for recycling)

For 2019, we are asking for help from our customers to reduce packaging further. If plants are already in a pack, please do not ask for a box as well, we provide trolleys so the packs can easily be transported to a car. We like to wrap flowering house plants in tissue paper, but if you require a bag or box, please could you fetch your own so we can continue to reduce our carbon footprint. We do have some transport trays which we purchase to have plants delivered from Holland and we are happy to recycle these if you need something to keep plants stable.


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  With the warm weather continuing there is still plenty of time to spruce up the gardens with the range of summer flowering perennials still available such as Lavender, Astrantia and Anemone. Pansies and violas are nearly ready for sale. A new variety of Begonia, Fragrant Falls, has been a success this spring. The beautiful trailing apricot flowers have a delicious scent and make a stunning addition to the garden. We have also reintroduced the Bizzie Lizzie, new varieties have greater resistance to downy mildew and we would welcome feedback from customers who have purchased them. 

 Preparations for the autumn have also begun with the jet washing of the glass house roofs and guttering. Disinfecting and clearing of the growing spaces in the top greenhouses are also underway for the exciting range of products to come in the following months.