Whats Happening



As promised, this is an update regarding details of opening and staying safe at Swincar!
Please read carefully and adhere to the guidelines mentioned to make the system as smooth, and stress free as possible for all parties.
Our opening hours moving forward will be; 9.30am-5pm Monday to Saturday and 9.30am to 4pm on Sunday. A later opening allows us time to fill up the greenhouses and water the plants ready for sale.
There will be some simple rules in place to avoid lots of people and overcrowding, these include;
▪️No advice service available
▪️No requesting staff to show you where items are located or
    asking if we have or haven’t got a product.
▪️Follow marked arrows.
▪️Maintain social distancing at all times
▪️No trolleys down any aisles, except to pay at the till.
▪️No boxes will be provided upon purchase, the plants are in
packaging and we request you to bring your own containers or something to place in your car for the plants to
sit on.
▪️Please feel free to wear your own PPE around the nursery -it is a good idea to wear gloves when using a trolley.
No entry to the top car park unless you have purchased compost and been instructed to do so.
Respect the situation and most of all respect each other!
Thank you for your co-operation.