From Mid January we stock an excellent range of certified seed potatoes, onion sets and Summer flowering bulbs. And its not too late for your winter rock salt!!

From Mid February, Raspberry Canes will be available for early planting.

DSC02440We grow the majority of our spring bedding here on site at Swincar, starting in January sowing Geranium seeds. We have growing lights to extend the daylight hours and produce plug plants for sale in packs of 20 from March.

For the keen gardener we offer plug plants in larger trays including Geraniums, Begonia Semperflorens, Lobelia, Alyssum, Petunias and the increasingly popular colourful and showy, Non Stop Begonia! 

confetti GardenBasket plants are available from April, all the regulars, Fuchsias, Lobelia, Trailing Petunias, Calibrachoa (Million Bells), Verbena and from May, we are once again producing a range of Confetti Garden Mixes, 3 contrasting plants within a single pot. This is a fantastic product which can be used in tubs and hanging baskets to create a stunning display.




20140712_150538The height of summer is when the best displays of bedding plants can be seen! Available are ready made Hanging Baskets, Tubs and Planters for the patio and then, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the floral display. We also offer a full range of Lawn products Evergreen Complete, Westland Aftercut Range and a variety of branded lawn weedkillers.20130521_145935

For the vegetable growers, this is when the battle with bugs and weeds are at their peak! But hopefully the warm weather will bring an abundance of produce!


As the nights turn colder and the summer bedding looses its sparkle, we have our largest range of pansies and violas available in mixed packs and in single colours to suit every need. We also grow Polyanthus in 4 packs. 100-0061_IMGFrom August a full range of spring flowering bulbs are in stock. All our bulbs come from a long standing friend and grower in Holland, who regularly display at Keukenhof the most famous flower display in Europe. P1120085This is also an excellent time for planting trees and shrubs.


103-0345_IMGAt Swincar, we tend to think of winter as the run up to Christmas. We offer a full range of Christmas Tree sizes, in pots ready for the festive season. We also have hand made wreaths.

103-0347_IMGDSC03228DSC03229We also grow Poinsettias on site from young cuttings in July. Sadly the poinsettia of late has lost its appeal as they are very susceptible to the cold. Growing on site, ensures we do not need to transport them when the plants are most vulnerable  and they are at their best for you to take home. A well grown poinsettia should last for weeks and sometimes months, and not just for Christmas! They favour a constant temperature, minimum 15 degrees away from direct heat, or draughts, and don’t like to be overwatered. We also grow a wide range of colours, not only the traditional red, but white, pink, marbled, speckled and new varieties such as “Ice Punch” and “Ice Crystal”

In early September our Hyacinth bulbs are planted in individual pots and then buried under a peat blanket. They remain covered until the end of November, when in anticipation, we unearth them and allow them to green up, before selecting them carefully, to be transplanted into bowls and baskets for Christmas. The hyacinths prefer a cooler environment for a longer flowering period.