Seed Potatoes

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First Early Seed Potato Varieties

Arran Pilot – the nation’s favourite garden-grown potato variety. Arran Pilot has been around since 1930 and has remained popular due to its excellent taste and early boiling ability. Produces high yields and tubers with pure white flesh.

Duke of York – an old heritage variety potato, first introduced in 1891 and soon famous for their great taste and all-round culinary use in the kitchen. Potatoes are oval shaped with yellow flesh.

Maris Bard - new at Swincar last year and a complete success! Produces  high yielding crops of a good even size, the leading first early for maturing the fastest. Potatoes are oval shaped with white skins. Best suited to boiling and early salad use in the kitchen.

Red Duke of York – one of the few early potatoes with a red skin this heritage variety has a vigorous growing habit and a fine flavour. A lovely new potato which boils well and if left will grow into big potatoes suitable for chipping or roasting.

Winner of the RHS award of garden merit.

Rocket –  when first released in 1987, Rocket, were the quickest bulking of all early potatoes. Rocket’s ability to grow large crops of uniformed round tubers made it very popular. Potatoes are white fleshed and skinned. Ideal for boiling and salad!

Casablanca - a new white skinned first early variety with excellent potential for showing. Clean smooth and white with shallow eyes make it an exhibitors delight but also ideal for cooking, best suited to boiling, baking and chipping.

Swift - Swift seed potatoes are the earliest of earlies, with crops being harvested in as little as 60 days. A high yielding variety producing a round-to-oval shape with creamy flesh. A hardy variety and a real all-rounder in the kitchen, this variety is excellent for container growing.


Second Early Seed Potato Varieties

Charlotte - the most popular salad potato variety in the UK.  Charlotte tubers are long with yellow skins and firm, yellow waxy flesh – always full of flavour, making them superb for salads and boiling.

Winner of the RHS award of garden merit.

Estima - commonly the ‘baking potato’ of choice, Estima produces heavy crops of large oval tubers with light yellow skin and flesh. One of the most popular varieties in the UK they are excellent for boiling, mashing and baking.

Kestrel – .Without doubt one of the best tasting potato varieties available consistent in both size and colour, with excellent all round cooking uses and disease resistance.

If in any doubt at all, Kestrel are the potatoes that you should always be growing in your garden.

Pink Fir Apple – available in 1.5kg bags at £2-50. A long and knobbly shaped heritage potato variety. Due to their unique shape, Pink Fir Apple tubers are best eaten either with their skins on, or served as delicious individual chunky chips. Even when they have been stored, Pink Fir Apple potatoes retain a new potato taste well into the new year.

Winner of the RHS award of garden merit.

Wilja - one of the first, Dutch-bred, varieties to change the rule book about second earlies. Wilja allowed large consistent crops of light yellow skinned tubers to be produced in a shorter time period. The flesh of Wilja potatoes is yellow and firm being in-between waxy and floury and makes an excellent all rounder, good for boiling, baking, chipping, mashing and roasting.

Main Crop Seed Potato Varieties

Cara – still one of the most popular maincrop varieties due to their excellent resistance to blight. Cara tubers are round with white skin and pink eyes. They are a very robust variety and have excellent drought resistance as well as good all round disease resistance. Ideal for boiling, baking, chipping and roasting.

Desiree – oval red skinned tubers with pale yellow flesh. The firm cooked texture, is known for  its boiling, frying & mashing quality. Desiree potatoes are a popular choice for celebrity chefs including Delia Smith and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall due to their potential to make fantastic roast potatoes.

King Edward – probably the most famous potato variety on the market, and for good reason – they have both excellent cooking and taste qualities. Once cooked, King Edward potatoes rarely discolour and offer a broad range of uses, boiling, mashing, chipping, baking and roasting.

Maris Piper – the undisputed number one spud of choice for almost all local chip shops. It is the combination of it’s excellent cooking and frying qualities that make the Maris Piper potato stand out from the rest. Also good for boiling, mashing, baking, chipping and roasting. And a good variety to store.

Orla –  a very popular variety for the organic grower due to their high blight resistance. They can be grown as a first early or instead left to mature as an early maincrop. Orla produces large crops of bold white tubers, one of the better tasting varieties it is a good all rounder suitable for boiling, baking, chipping, mashing and roasting.